Andrew Derrick of Socrates on typography
05 APR 2017

Published by Emma Acton-Bloom


Andrew Derrick of Socrates on typography

Are you into typography and want to make sure your portfolio is saying the right thing? Andrew Derrick, Creative Director at Socrates, came in to give our team a quick refresher on the power of typography and I've put together some key takeaways that will help perk up your portfolio.

1. 80% of design is type. Sometimes this gets over looked as it is all about the “visuals” - well typography is a visual which should not be forgotten about!

2. Stop looking at words as words and see them as visuals in their own right. Looking at a piece of copy day after day, all the words blur into one, but if you stop looking at the words as words and more of a visual piece - you will really see it and how it looks and feels on the page.

As Justin Timberlake once sang, rivers mess up the type and make it look and feel wrong and slightly uncomfortable sometimes or (if you are like me, and you are on the spectrum of an obsessive compulsive disorder), it makes you actually cringe so cry me a river - and sort these out.

3. Creative Directors and Design Directors are ALWAYS looking at your type as a piece of the visual language.

4. If you have been in the industry for 2-3 years and have been at 1-2 studios, still bring your student folio along with you - include some student projects in your folio. This is counted as “experience” in terms of “how” you design and “how” you think when you do…

Creativity is so subjective - people like what they like. End of. But adding the “how” to the “what” helps them really see the type of designer you are. This also goes for clients too - they might have wanted to go with “concept 2” but instead they went for “concept 4”.

5. Always include unsuccessful concepts. 9/10 times people prefer the concept that was NOT chosen - this again will show a potential employer how you can take an idea and really blow it up in all sorts of ways. 

If you'd like to go over your portfolio one-to-one then feel free to ping us an email to arrange to come and meet with a consultant.

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