What makes an agency desirable?
23 MAR 2017

Published by Samantha Jamieson


What makes an agency desirable?

As recruiters, it's important to know what our candidates are looking for in agency. Of course, this will differ from person to person but in a more general sense, what is it that makes an agency desirable? Is it all about the work? The team? Free Friday massages? We asked some of our candidates what does it for them...

George – Junior Designer

What makes an agency desirable?

An ambitious agency is a great one. One with variety in their work and most importantly a great team spirit. People are the most important thing by a mile!
What would be your dream agency to work in?

This is a hard question. Who really would know until they have started working in that particular agency? So when I find mine I’ll let you know!

Kieran – freelance designer

What makes an agency desirable?

Good work! Is their portfolio busting with projects I'd love to see in my own? Small bespoke print jobs carry as much impact as major brand campaigns for me. Though there are certain brands that I wouldn't have to think twice about working on... Adidas being my number one! Design in the music industry is also a big seller for me.
A friendly face is also important. Do they have a healthy online presence, is it updated regularly, and do they look like they enjoy themselves? 

Dream agency to work in?

I wouldn't say I idolise one studio in particular, but the ones that spring to mind are Sawdust, Here Design, NB Studio and Pentagram. And if graphic design has celebrities, Peter Saville is right up there for me.

Will – midweight designer

What makes an agency desirable?

Personally for me it's two things: Firstly, I love agencies that do a mix of work, where one day you'd be working with a design campaign for a new starting business, then the next you'd be doing something for packaging. It's the spice of life, variety, and I really don't like doing one thing at work over and over again. If I wanted to do that I’d get a job with 9-5 hours in an office.

Secondly, I think a company which respects your work-life balance. Everyone knows designers pull some late nights once in a while. That's the way of any creative job, however I've worked somewhere where they had a genuine contempt for anyone wanting to take holidays or who was unable to do four late nights in a row for two weeks because they wanted to spend time with their wife and kids. 

What would be your dream agency to work in?

I'm not sure really. I actually love music, play in bands etc. so if I could find a place that works with that sort of vein of creativity, I'd be rather content.

But ultimately, I just like to have a good variety of work, and a nice atmosphere with a boss that has some semblance of respect towards me as a human being.

Njeri – account manager

What makes an agency desirable?

One which encourages a multidisciplinary and collaborative culture to harness ideas and solutions which deliver on a client's purpose – always human centred and strategic in its approach. An agency which clearly articulates its mission, which is future focussed, innovates and disrupts social and business norms without losing sight of the vision and mission in question. One which encourages employees to harness their creative potential and inspiration from a wide range of interests and cultural experiences.

What would be your dream agency to work in?


If, after reading that, your agency seems a bit less desirable, it might be time for a change. Get in touch and let's chat.

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