Get to know Katie Straker
11 NOV 2021

Published by Kandice Menzie


Get to know Katie Straker

If you’ve had your eyes on our socials you may have noticed that our small but mighty team expanded slightly during 2021.

Enter Katie Straker – Creative Recruitment Consultant and your contact for roles including Digital Design, Artworking and more.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to join Gabriele:

I worked in the Creative Services department within agencies for around 15 years, so had been managing creatives and designers for some time – it seemed natural that the next step was recruiting for the people I’d worked with all these years. I joined Red Sofa and was there for around 3.5 years. After a stint in the charity sector organising black tie dinners and conferences, I decided to return to the world of creative recruitment.

I set up as a freelance recruiter but soon decided that I wanted a team around me. That’s when I saw the ad for Gabriele. It was a bit like fate!

What about Creative Recruitment do you enjoy?

I love reviewing portfolios, being in close proximity to such great talent is a great perk of the job.  Even if a 'folio doesn't fit for the role I'm currently recruiting for - it’s still a great feeling to view it. 

It’s so satisfying to know that you're helping someone up the career ladder. 

I obviously love finding people over every level their next role, but I particularly enjoy working with juniors and midweights as I can’t help but feel good that I’m helping someone on their way up the career ladder!

You joined Gabriele during the peak of the pandemic – did you find this challenging?

It was pretty tricky, you usually absorb information in an office by just having a quick chat with people, asking how things work and who people are etc. but I was on my own and limited to calls/zooms to learn processes etc and everything about all the clients.

It took a lot longer to find things out and to get to know people

Thankfully we’re back in the office a couple of times a week and it’s been great!


What does a normal day look like for you?

After school drop off, there’s usually a large coffee involved and a check of the inboxes. I’ll start with the urgent tasks of the day – usually a freelance request or two, and then it’s heads down in to searches for candidates. There’s a lot of emailing and calling – then a lot of waiting for responses too. Recruitment is quite a time consuming thing!

I like to keep in contact with my candidates and clients so I’ll normally make time to send a quick e-mail or make a quick call at some point too!

What positive’s does working within a small team provide?

Gabriele are a really collaborative team. We each know what is going on in the business and we’re there for each other day to day.

What challenges as a recruiter are you facing because of the pandemic?

It’s been a really weird time, when I first joined it was so quiet, there were only a couple of roles on the go but lots of people looking.

It has done a complete flip now and we have lots and lots of roles, but there’s a shortage of people wanting to move. Whether that’s pandemic related or not, who knows, but what I do know is that it is definitely harder to interest people in a move at the moment.

Remote working has also played a part in this, I find most people are happy with a hybrid model of studio/home working and it’s great that this is now an option. However, some are still not comfortable to go back into an office or have moved out of London completely which may also be a factor in finding the right people. 

If you're a Creative and want to connect with Katie for advice or a particular role, click here.

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