An hour by hour guide to smashing your first day
28 OCT 2021

Published by Kandice Menzie


An hour by hour guide to smashing your first day

This is our guide to acing your first day at your new role in design – hour by hour for clarity. It will give you all the necessary information for a successful introduction into your studio (just remember not to take it too literally).

No two agencies are the same, but there are some common factors that apply to every job in the creative industry.

duties will vary, but there is an archetypal frame of mind to be in if you want to have a successful first day

6:30am – Wake up early and eat breakfast to avoid stomach growls during morning meetings. Then put on your smartest work clothes,- or most trendy - depending on which way your new studio leans.

Double-check that the bag you packed the night before contains your notepad, device + all necessary chargers and some odourless snacks.

7am – Leave for work. On your way to the office (or living room) focus on relaxing and reminding yourself of the job description. Think of all the ways you plan to make changes in each area.

Make sure you’re well-rested, well prepared and your phone is on silent

8am –First days are always more about listening than talking; so just smile, take lots of notes and don’t stress if you get a few names wrong.

To demonstrate your curiosity and enthusiasm, have some questions prepared for any managers you may meet throughout the day.

Pro Tip: immediately befriend the Studio Manager(s) – they will be your rock.

11am – Offer to make coffee for everyone, aim for an averagely good cup so that no one gets the urge to ever ask you again.

12pm – Ask about lunch. Understanding the cultural and social workings of your agency is just as important as the more formal aspects. Do they eat at their desks? All together in a cafe down the road? Can you come?

3pm - There will be a lot to take in, sign and fill out. As you go through the motions stay upbeat and pay attention to your body language - keeping it friendly and open. If your energy starts to wain pull out those odourless snacks and share them with your nearest peers for extra brownie points.

Don’t be the first to leave. Or the second.

6pm – At least 30 minutes before COP head to your senior and ask for a brief appraisal on how you did today. Be open. Share the positives and any worries you may have. Thank anyone who helped you get acclimated throughout the day and if you’re asked out for drinks, the answer should always be yes.

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