Recruiting after the pandemic
28 APR 2021

Published by Kandice Menzie


Recruiting after the pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way we live and work.

Over the past year, employees in the UK and around the world have been working remotely, adopting new software’s and processes to get the work done.

Many agencies and studio’s exercised commendable resilience, producing fantastic work right throughout 2020 and proving why the UK design industry is one of the best in the world.

But the challenges have been plentiful too and the lockdowns and economic fallout meant many companies either went on a ‘hiring freeze’ or couldn’t help but let go of some of their creative talent.  

Things are changing for the better; businesses are gradually returning to office and long-term growth plans are being made once again. After the uncertainty, its crucial to have a hiring strategy that targets the best talent who will help you grow your business.

Below are some best practices in recruiting creative talent in the wake of the pandemic:

1. Be realistic about flexibility

One of the best tips for post-pandemic hiring is to be realistic with your expectations and make those clear in your brief. The pandemic has reset expectations for work structure and it now varies quite drastically from agency to agency.

The work structure now varies not only from agency to agency but amongst employees too.

Some candidates will be happy to make a full return to office whilst others will still prefer to wfh– it’s important to be aware of this when hiring.

Many creative talent looking for jobs will expect at least a blend of remote and in office working in their new role; there is no right answer - but clarify exactly how your team currently work and how you want to work in the future to attract the right candidate for you.

2. Give junior candidates a chance

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for Interns, junior and midweight talent to break into the industry, but they are often the bright sparks who kindle creativity within an agency.

Hiring someone who is very experienced may be the safer option but giving a junior a chance could also be beneficial to business. Not only for your budgets but also because of the tenacity and the fresh ways of thinking they’ll bring. Hiring someone who is still eager and excited to make their mark could help inject some innovation and steer your business out of an uncertain year.

We speak to many junior and midweight candidates and always admire their passion for their craft. Karina Beasley, MD of Gabriele says “Because of the stunted growth of 2020, we really need to highlight the need and value in hiring junior team members. They are the future, but they are also the future of your business and will be more amenable to learning, growth, flow"

Juniors are bursting with positive energy, ideas and creativity. Don’t keep them in the playpen, nurture and grow their talent, and you’re highly likely to be well rewarded.

Karina continues "We are not seeing enough hiring at the junior level so go on, make that commitment or we’ll see the gaps in the future".

3. Think long-term

After the year we’ve had, it’s hard not to roll your eyes at this advice. But, if you are fully thawed from your ‘hiring freeze’ and ready to grow your business too, its crucial to find a candidate who will stick around if any uncertainty returns.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of a strong team.

Hiring after a pandemic means building back stronger, assembling a solid team who can maintain motivation and communication amidst the crazy rhythm of this new reality.

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