5 ways to improve wellbeing in your workplace
07 MAY 2019

Published by Kandice Menzie


5 ways to improve wellbeing in your workplace

5 ideas on how to boost employee morale that you can implement today.

1. Flexible Working Arrangements

Not everyone can work from home effectively. But for those who can, it can lead to a huge boost in productivity and provide a mental and emotional break from a long commute and being in the office. If it's appropriate for your work environment, give employees the option to work from home a day a week, and you have the potential to see a boost in productivity and morale.

2. Team building days

Poor employee wellbeing often stems from feelings of unappreciation. The best, and simplest, way to correct this is to treat your team to a day out without any ulterior motives. Regular incentive-based trips will encompass the love languages of quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and financial gifts that most people measure appreciation in, thus undoing any feelings of un-acknowledgement. So, as well as sporadic team bonding days, have a process in place for birthdays and leaving do’s too – it doesn’t have to be extravagant – but a staff lunch or two can go a long way.

3. Encourage friendships

Employee engagement is at an all-time low but one way to encourage employees to care more about their job–encourage them to foster friendships. Social exchanges can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing feelings of happiness and calm.; and feeling safe, supported and appreciated at work can go a long way to improve performance and productivity.

4. Staff training days

Give employees the tools to discover their purpose; offer them access to courses from financial training to first aid. Subsidise studies on courses which will benefit their long-term career goals, it’s not always possible to offer promotions or pay rises so allowing employees to gain qualifications whilst working for you is a great way to give them a feeling of development and career progression which may keep them around for longer.

5. Introduce flexible hours

Allowing for flexible working hours does two things. It empowers employees to alter their work habits to fit their family needs or to keep working on the projects that give their lives additional meaning.

Perhaps more importantly, it sends a signal that you trust your employees. When you enable employees to set their own schedules as long as they hit deadlines and deliver results, they feel more like partners than corporate drones – and they’ll work that much harder for you.

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