Ask a Recruiter...
26 MAR 2019

Published by Elisabeth Pohl


Ask a Recruiter...

In our Ask a Recruiter series we tackle the common issues that stand in the way of getting job hunters their dream roles. In this edition, our Studio Management specialist Elisabeth solves another: how to leave a job that you’ve been in forever?

Elisabeth believes that everyone’s career path is different - depending on occupation, industry and age.

It is usual for employers to seek both tenure and career progression, so it is a balancing act to decide when to move on as you never know if you’ll find the same security again.

Whilst a long-term job on a CV can be a positive and convey that you are not a “fly by night” employee, these days it is much more commonplace to see several periods of employment, each lasting just a few years.

However, if you are fortunate enough to be in a role where you have the support of your employer in progressing towards your long-term goals and maintaining job satisfaction along with training and development opportunities, it is still perfectly possible to thrive in the same company for many years!

So, before you jump ship, ask yourself whether you have established a track record of growth and success in your current role – if this is not the case and you feel that your job has stagnated, then it is probably time to move on.

Don’t quit first and think later

Remember it’s always advisable to change jobs whilst still employed, so take your time to consider exactly what kind of role you would really enjoy.

If you’re leaving a job where you have experienced tensions, resist at all costs the temptation to let your employer know what you really think or make disparaging remarks!

If you wish to take a break between jobs, be sure to plan ahead and put aside sufficient funds to live on.

Once you’ve made your decision to leave, resolve ahead of time that you will not allow yourself to be swayed into staying.

Ensure you have a mutually beneficial exit interview with your employer and obtain a good reference.

Be ready to explain why you’ve stayed for so long

Once you’ve got yourself out there and are now interviewing for roles, be fully prepared with strong positive responses as to why you remained in your role for so long. This will convince your hirer that you will be an asset to their company. Be sure to show that you can add value to your new employer by sharing recent accomplishments and goals for your future.

Prepare for change

After being in an organisation for a long while you will be accustomed to one way of working, which you may have hated or loved, so prepare yourself for a new leadership style and corporate culture – every company is different.

Lastly- be brave and bold – and never burn your bridges!

If you need more help taking the next step up the career ladder get in touch; and if your new role involves studio management get in touch with Elisabeth directly who will be more than happy to help.

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