What's it like to work at...BEAR?
04 JUN 2018

Published by Samantha Jamieson


What's it like to work at...BEAR?

BEAR is the company behind the pure fruit snacks you’ll definitely have seen on the shelves of your local shop or supermarket. If you've been in Outer Space and missed them, see image above! The BEAR brand came about because founder Hayley decided she was fed up of seeing so many unhealthy snacks around and wanted to do something about it...

And so BEAR was born!

Recently we placed the wonderful Jough McLeod there a little while ago and we thought it was time to find out how things are going and what it’s like to work in the Big Cave….

Hello Jough!

Tell us a bit about your role at BEAR?

Oh hey, I’m a designer! I create lots of exciting, colourful and fun ideas for BEAR, whilst also working on BEAR’s sister brand Urban Fruit too, which is also dried fruit snacks, but for adults.

What does a typical day look like for you?

BEAR’s creative team work closely with the marketing team so every day starts with checking what briefs have come over from them and seeing what I’ll be working on that day. It’s very hands-on and everything is quite fast paced, I can work on up to 5 or 6 briefs in one week.

How did you get the job?

I was freelance at the time and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go permanent again for a while. I was shown the job by Emma at Gabriele and thought it looked like an awesome company and a good opportunity to get some experience as a creative in-house designer.

Why did you decide to become a designer?

When I was younger I loved magazines. I was fascinated by them, in fact I still am! Whilst at school I did work experience at both Sugar and Bliss magazines and was automatically put in the features department assuming that I wanted to be a journalist. I distinctively remember looking around the office and seeing someone designing the magazine and thinking ‘that’s what I want to do!’. As I delved more into the world of magazines and discovered creative ones like i-D, Dazed and The Face, I fell in love with the images and experimental type they used and knew that’s was the world I wanted to get into too.

What’s your career journey been to date?

My degree is in Design for Publishing, but as I graduated the whole conversation of ‘print is dead’ was rife so I made the conscious decision to move over to branding. After a couple internships I was lucky enough to start working at SomeOne, a design agency based in Shoreditch where I was at for 4 years. I cut my teeth at that studio. I learnt so much and was exposed to an unbelievable amount of opportunities and experiences. I’m still very passionate about publishing and as a side project I now run my own independent magazine, EWE Zine.

What’s it like working at BEAR Nibbles?

Being part of a small creative team at BEAR means we have the opportunity to get stuck into projects of all sizes. One day I can be working on social posts, the next I can be working on ideas for campaigns that last for months. It’s a shame that in-house design teams often given a bad rep. BEAR is quite unique as we’re given lots of creative freedom to realise our ideas, influence the brand direction and see projects through from concept ideas to delivering artwork.

Have you had a favourite project?

Definitely the current card campaign which is based on space. I’ve always been a space geek and it’s been so cool to see a whole universe, narrative and characters created from my initial idea. Plus being able to design a solar system poster was so fun.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I find designing for children really rewarding and it’s definitely an aspect I hadn’t considered before taking the job at BEAR. It’s so cool when you meet consumers and they tell you how much they love something you’ve created or they send in a drawing using some stickers you designed. It makes your work take on a whole new light and makes all those extra hours seem so worth it.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a designer?

If I wasn’t a graphic designer I’d probably be in a different creative industry, I’ve always had an interest in fashion and product design too. If I wasn’t doing any type of design, I’d probably be a primary school teacher, which I guess is quite an interesting anecdote seeing as I now work for BEAR.


Click here for the full BEAR story.

And if this has given you itchy feet then send us your details and we’ll be in touch!

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