How to convince the interviewer you're The One.
13 FEB 2018

Published by Fiona Watson


How to convince the interviewer you're The One.

You've managed to get an interview with your dream agency.  This is your chance to make them realise how brilliant you are and how they simply MUST employ you. You need a plan and you need one fast. So here’s our advice on how to convince the interviewer you’re The One.

  • Do your research - spend some serious time Googling this agency and its people. Find out everything you possibly can about them. Think Columbo.  But not so far that you end up spending 2 hours trawling through their personal Instagram pages, because that’s a bit creepy.
  • As opposed to thinking about how much you want to work with them, think about what their needs will be from you and try to think how you’d best address that. Show you can give the employer what they want.
  • You won’t be expected to know everything so show a willingness to grow and learn. If you don’t have the exact skill set they’re looking for show you’ve got the gumption and drive to learn new things. The industry is constantly changing and evolving!
  • Be enthusiastic! Show off what you know about the agency – talk about your passion and let them know you want to work there and why.
  • Show you’re loyal. The recruitment process can be a lengthy one (trust us – we know!) so employers won’t want someone who’s going to jump ship after 6 months. They’ve invested a lot of time and often money into finding you, so show them you’re a loyal employee as this it’s a really valuable trait.
  • Don’t forget to listen. It’s easy to get carried away and a bit over excited in an interview. So just remember to listen to what the interviewer is saying and gather yourself. Think about your answer before blurting it out. Take your time – you’ve got this.
  • Think of a couple of questions to ask them stemming from your research. If you don’t have any questions it can be interpreted as a lack of interest or desire to work there and we don’t want that!

Just one more thing...

Be memorable! Maybe leave the interviewer something behind, even just a nice packet of biscuits as a thanks for seeing you. Or if you’re creative, you might think of something clever to leave with the interviewer. Go for it. Show off, why not.

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