Tricky Interview Questions
26 FEB 2018

Published by Fiona Watson


Tricky Interview Questions

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

If you’re in a senior position…

The more senior you are, the more I’d say you should actually have a vision of where you want to be, career wise, in 5 years’ time. So if you are at the more senior end, then you could talk about the level you want to reach in 5 years, or the kind of clients you want to be working with, or the things you’d like to learn.

If you’re still at the start of your career…

I’d tread a neutral and honest ground in answering this question. Don’t lie to the interviewer – you both need to start off with an honest relationship which will stand you in good stead if you do get the job.  But life can throw a lot of curveballs in 5 years – you might want to head off to the Highlands and start your B&B at the moment, but in another year’s time, you may feel totally differently about it.   

You might say something like this:

‘I’d love to think that there’s a role out there where I could stay for 5 years, but equally, there are other things I’d like to do as well – perhaps some travelling to broaden my horizons or experience a different lifestyle for a while. But what I’d like for my immediate future – i.e. the next 2-3 years, say – is to find a role in an agency I admire, that allows me to flourish and do a fantastic job for them, while also challenging me so that I continue to learn and develop.”

Of course if you see yourself staying in that agency for 5 years, then be honest about it – easy question!

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