Wellbeing at work
05 FEB 2018

Published by Samantha Jamieson


Wellbeing at work

Have you got workplace wellbeing at the top of your business agenda? Studies show that putting this at the forefront of your business not only makes for a healthier happier workplace but also means that the business itself performs better.

Last week we hosted a talk by Suki Bassi who works across Europe and the USA helping businesses put wellbeing, happiness and gratitude firmly on the corporate agenda to deliver sustainable results for everyone.

At our event she spoke about why workplaces with high levels of wellbeing and engagement out perform their peers. With lower levels of absenteeism, better retention of talent and better financial performances, it’s a no-brainer. Work place wellbeing is winning.

The thing is, wellbeing is more than just perks. As Suki pointed out, it’s all very well and good laying on free yoga classes for your employees every morning, but if the team have been working till 11pm the night before – you’re kind of missing the point.

It has to be an end to end approach 

It’s a huge subject and of course every company is different but here are a few things we gleaned from the talk that should get you thinking about how you can kick-start wellbeing in your workplace:

It has to come from the top

If you’re trying to get people to leave their desk to have lunch, you need to be seen to be doing the same thing yourself. Employees might not feel comfortable taking a lunch break knowing you’re still hard at it at your desk. And surely you need a break too?

Reduce stress in the workspace 

Check – in with your team to see how they are, from a non-work related perspective. You don’t have to nose into their private lives but sometimes when we’re caught up on the thick of a major project, it’s easy to forget to ask this simple question and it makes a huge difference.

Encourage a positive work culture 

Try to think about alternatives to team drinks for example. Drinking isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, and it means that you can expect less hangovers in the morning! The same goes for gym classes, so try to be inclusive of everyone, and not just the ones who shout the loudest.

The simple things

It sounds obvious but do you have any plants in the studio that have seen better days? Or rotten bags of salad and depressed looking half eaten lunches loitering in the fridge? Now is the time to clear out. Just having a clean and tidy environment can have an impact on how your team are feeling. Mould is never a good look. 

If you’d like to know more about making Wellbeing at Work a part of your business, then get in touch with Suki Bassi here – and good luck!

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