Tricky Interview Questions
27 NOV 2017

Published by Karina Beasley


Tricky Interview Questions

Why have you moved around so much?

Spending as much time interviewing as we do, we often have to ask our candidates this question. If you've got quite a few jumps in your CV, expect this question to come up!

The fact is some people move around a lot, i.e. every 12-18 months and this can cause concern in the agency world. It could be viewed that you're inconsistent or have a low boredom threshold, or always moving from job to job because you think the grass is greener. 

However it might also be that you've had some bad luck along the way, for example redundancy, or there might have been key changes within your team and you felt it necessary to find a new ‘home’. Or maybe it's just taken you a few tries to find the place that's right for you. Any prospective employer will understand these things happen. If it's that you've taken on long contracts, make it clear on your CV so that it’s not mistaken for job hopping.   

As your career progresses, the length of time you spend at an agency has major plus points and it'll show a mixture of:

  • Commitment to your role and career
  • Real experience on projects
  • Building more meaningful client relationships, not bolting at the end of every exciting project to find the next best thing
  • Team building skills
  • Learning from a key source, in the same team, and able to go up the ladder as a result of your consistent progress

If you've been guilty of job-hopping in the past, try to weigh up how much benefit you'll get from hanging in there with an okay job for a few more months rather than jacking it in and having to start again from scratch somewhere else...Obviously if your job or where you're working is making you terribly unhappy, then don't stay there another year just to make your CV look good.

There's no set rule for answering this question, everyone's different! Just try to be as open and honest as you can.

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