Re-branding recruitment
20 JUN 2017

Published by Samantha Jamieson


Re-branding recruitment

You might have noticed we've got a new...well...everything! From the name to the website - our new brand feels more modern and much more reflective of us as a team. With that in mind, we spoke to Vicki Young, Director and Founder of Nalla, the agency responsible for our re-brand, to find out what it was like to work on the project, how they came up with the idea and what challenges they faced in the process.

What did you know about Gabriele before you were approached about the rebrand?

I’ve actually been working with them for years. First meeting Fiona as a graduate long before I founded Nalla! I now use their services as a client. So I’ve had the full Gabriele experience!

What did you think of Gabriele and the brand?

They are such a fun and approachable team, completely the opposite of everything I’d experienced or heard about recruiters. Once I started my own company, they really took the time to understand both me and my business, and what personalities would be the best fit for the team. We really got to know the team and it was easy to spot that their identity and digital experience didn’t feel connected to who they were and what they were about.

'The brand didn’t capture what made Gabriele unique: their personality, their expertise and their love of people.'

The brand having been created several years ago looked dated, very feminine and the language used was very ‘standard recruitment consultant’. The brand didn’t capture what made Gabriele unique: their personality, their expertise and their love of people.

How did you begin the process of the re-brand? Where did the idea come from?

First off we held a workshop with them to understand their vision and ethos as a company, as well as who their candidates and clients were. This informed the creative tone and appropriateness.

We explored two very different routes, but the one that resonated the most was one that focused on Gabriele being the recruiters that put their candidates and clients needs first – unlike other recruitment agencies I’ve experienced that put their commission first.  We essentially wanted to not only rebrand Gabriele, but give each client and candidate who used their website their own unique ‘identity’. This emphasised that the team saw both clients and candidates as individuals rather than just a number.

The phrase we always had in the back of our minds was ‘It’s not about us, it’s about you’.

What was the best bit of the project?

Developing the iconography although a challenge, ensured some of Gabriele’s playful and fun nature was communicated. It really gives Gabriele the kind of personality their brand needed. Seeing it all come together across both print and digital was incredibly satisfying, as was working with the team. The client / agency relationship was key here, really we were one team, and our meetings were always not only productive and inspiring but also great fun!

And the most challenging?

Creating a seamless, digital journey came with a number of technical challenges. We needed to integrate the new website with the existing custom CRM system which called for custom front-end development.

We completely rethought the site taxonomy and created a truly personal experience. The site design changes now match the user preference. Our approach not only considered the candidates’ experience but also the consultants’ workflow which had a big impact on the internal processes of the Gabriele team.

What was it like working with people who look at design all day, as opposed to other clients who aren’t in the industry?

Creative recruiters have a discerning eye for design and they really get brand. This makes them great clients, as we don’t have to spend so much time selling something in. They understand that ‘this design came from that point in the strategy that we’re trying to communicate’. That’s really helpful and saves some time and effort on our part.

That being said, it’s a bit like when a branding agency makes their own brand (believe me I know the pain of this) - when you have the specialist knowledge, it’s easy to become a perfectionist. We had some interesting debates on typography and UX - but all conversations only helped to make the project better.

'It’s about the individual, not the recruiter.'

Gabriele recruit for your team – how do you think the new brand represents what you know of them?

It’s fun, approachable and unique, just like the team. Plus it has enough variety to encompass any new staff members without losing integrity. I think my favourite thing is that the team got so excited when they saw the new brand. Each consultant has their own personalised business card that not only represents their role, but them as a person. The branding has endless possibilities for campaigns too, so look out for those!

What has your experience of recruiters been in the past?

Recruitment agencies get bad press and there are a lot of horror stories around. My experience has been a mixed bag but what has bothered me the most in the past is when I have felt like just another number. As a younger candidate, it’s so important to take the time to think about your next step. This is where I genuinely feel Gabriele differs; whether client or candidate they spend time getting to know you, your situation and what you want from a role or an employee.

This is where the Gabriele brand came from – it’s about the individual, not the recruiter.

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